Praline Centenario Crudo

620g cream, 35% milk fat
100g trimoline, inverted sugar
620g Centenario Crudo 70%, couverture

1. Warm cream and invert sugar to 30-32c
2. Add to tempered Centenario Crudo 70% couverture.
3. Mixing to homogenize the Ganache.

Notes: Technique to mixing, stir with spatula for a short time and then use a stick blender
for a short time. As you don’t want to lose the sugar crystals from the structure of the
Centenario Crudo. It will look shiny like mousse.

To Assemble & Decorate:

Fill up the Ganache into frames. Let set overnight room temperature. Cut into squares 1x1
inches. Remove squares and shape with your fingers. Let it dry over night room
temperature. Enrobe with 1200g of Centenario Concha 70% 48h, couverture. Sprinkle with
caramelized Cocoa Nibs.

Showcasing Felchlin Products:
Centenario Crudo 70%, Jubilee Grand Cru Couverture, dark
Centenario Concha 70%, 48h, Jubilee Grand Cru Couverture, dark
Cocoa Nibs Qroquant, caramelized