250g Caster Sugar

125g honey

100ml liquid glucose

125ml water

75g egg whites

1/2tsp vanilla extract

400g freshly roasted nuts

250g chocolate

pinch of sea salt

rice paper as needed

Extra virgin olive oil as needed small amount


1. Line mould with rice paper.

2. Dissolve over medium heat in heavy base pot with sugar thermometer until 140c

3. Beat egg whites with salt till stiff peaks, gradually add 140c liquid in a fine steady stream on the side on the inside of the bowl. Stir in vanilla and nuts then chocolate.

4. Spoon over the mixture in the mould, smooth. Cover with more rice paper, while pressing down carefully. You can sit a weight on the nougat at this point(optional). Allow to cool.

5. Using a sharp serrated knife cut as desired. Wrap in grease proof.


Using oil will stop the mixture sticking to you or a surface, comes in handy depending on what your doing with the nougat. This is why I like to keep some near by, my preference is extra virgin olive oil. You could use any oil you like, some taste can be noticed at times.

The flavour of honey you use can really be noticed so when choosing take this into consideration.

Optional variations:

Addition of any dried fruits, spices, nuts, chocolate is possible to taste.