I first attended a Planet Cake workshop in 2011 where Jess was teaching a Chocolate course. I was immediately impressed with her presence, professionalism and knowledge. 

Jess took us through the ins and outs of chocolate, from the cocoa plants to conching and everything in between. Her explanation of tempering has stayed with me and made me understand exactly why and how important it is to get it right!

I learned an appreciation of quality chocolate from Jess with her passion for Felchin chocolate. Now I understand good chocolate, its hard to go back.

She expects a high standard from her students which I loved. She was encouraging in her teaching methodology and always happy and able to answer any question I fired at her!

I was very happy to see Jess again at The Essential Ingredient for a sugar workshop. Her enthusiasm for her profession and craft was inspiring and I left with a new found love for sugar work.

The best part of meeting Jess was having her cater for my 40th birthday afternoon tea. It was such an honour to have her beautiful tarts at my celebration. She was accommodating in my wishes for certain flavours and she certainly didn't disappoint. The tarts were exceptional with many a conversation stopping mid bite to savour the flavours!

Her hand made chocolates were a work of art requiring such a high level of skill only possible with many years of experience and passion.

I couldn't recommend Jess highly enough as a teacher of cakes, chocolate work, confectionary or to cater for an occasion. She is a lovely person to deal with and a true artisan and I will be finding an excuse to learn anything from her again soon.

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