The first time I encountered Jessica was in one of the very first cake decorating classes that I took. The truth be told, I had not taken the class based on her as a teacher at all. I am however so very thankful that I accidently fell upon her.

Her passion and knowledge behind the art of food creation is second to none. Her inspiring encouragement to create a wow-factor both visually as well as on the palate attracted me to several of her other classes. Chocolate tempering, confectioners mastering to name some, all where Jessica taught me the importance of building a relationship with your ingredients.

She also introduced me to the world of the baking business. During my classes I had organically moved towards opening a small cake decorating business, in which without

Jessica’s help could not have been possible. Her sharing of her deep knowledge of the industry throughout the set up process was amazing and her continued support has allowed me to confidently make successful business decisions.

Every year, our families indulge in her chocolate and cake creations for festivities, including Christmas. Her use of premium ingredients is evident in the product that she presents. Jessica is so easy to work with and her attention to detail in her cake designs allows your cake to come to life.

Thank you Jessica - I can honestly say I would never consider going anywhere else for my families celebration needs.

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