Christmas Pudding Cake

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Christmas Pudding Cake


It all started when I decided to marry Mr. Christmas Pudding to Ms. Christmas Cake. Lo and behold, they had a child – the spitting image of both parents. Made with love, taking over nine months. Aptly named Christmas Pudding Cake, for he’s rich & moist like dad; & hospitable like mum. Unlike his parents, a bit nutty on top – encrusted with a decadent variety. His folks are full of floury batter, but he’s totally fruity, held by batter! Filled with dry fruits, richly marinated with the deep strong flavours of brandy, spices, honey, vanilla, orange & lemon. A luxurious & sumptuous Christmas delight! Enjoy Christmas Pudding Cake by Jessica Pedemont. Alas... Mr. Pudding & Mrs. Cake could only have 100 Pudding Cakes this year. Give one a home quickly before others do!

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Item :
1x Christmas Pudding Cake by Jessica Pedemont.
Gift Wrapped in a JP signature embroidered tea towel.

Weight :

Cake Dimension :
25cm Diameter
10cm Tall

Box Dimensions :
30cm W x 30cm D x 15cm H

Orders close :
1st November 2019

Shipment commences :
1st December 2019 

Available to :
Australia wide only.
(We will work towards worldwide shipping next year.)

Cost :
$110 per cake (GST included)

Shipping cost :
Additional cost, dependant on delivery location.
Pick up from our Sydney shop is possible.

Dessert Serving :
100g (serves 10)

Tasting Serving :
50g (serves 20)

Serving Suggestion :
Pour crème anglaise on top, with a scoop of
Vanilla ice cream on the side with cherries.
Paired with brandy, or a cup of black tea.

Free range eggs
Dark chocolate that we have made ourself by our Social enterprise South Pacific Cacao
Australian sea salt
Australian artisan cultured hand made butter
Premium Australian developed and produced spices
Australian single origin stone ground flour
50% proof Australian brandy
Wholesome 100% locally produced Australian boutique honey 
Macerated dry fruits marinated for a minimum of 1 year in honey, brandy, vanilla beans, orange & lemon zests and juices
Currents, sultanas, dried apple, prunes, dried apricots, raisins, glacé ginger, mixed peel
Top of cake encrusted in nuts: macadamias, almonds, pistachios, walnuts, Brazil nut plus pepita seeds
Baking powder, water, orange, brown sugar