I originally ordered a cake from Jessica and was blown away by the decoration, upon cutting into the cake and tasting it I have to say that it was the best cake I had ever had, which is why I decided that I wanted to learn how to bake like her. Her generosity in sharing her talents is amazing. Jessica has introduced me to suppliers who like her use only the best of ingredients.

Whilst I refuse to pay a company for just a decorated cake, I have no hesitation in commissioning Jessica to create a cake for me when I know she has baked it with the best of ingredients.

Jessica Pedemont through her passion, skill and talent has inspired me to baking highs! Prior to having private baking lessons with Jessica I had used my oven 5 times in 10 years, over the last 2 years I use it every week and have a very happy family who insist that every cake, dessert or meal to come out of my oven is the best one yet.

Jessica has not only inspired me to bake but has given me the confidence to attempt desserts and meals which were previously completely out of my reach. I mix flavours and ingredients and have 6 different types of sugars in my pantry now!!

Jessica Pedemont is not just a Chef, Presenter or Teacher, Jessica Pedemont is Chocolate Artisan, Chocolate Artisan is Jessica Pedemont.

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